Jumbo Santa beta

Create your own gift exchange in just a few easy steps!

This magic button calls the gift exchange wizard

To get things going, you'll want to start the gift exchange wizard by clicking on any of the buttons labeled with "Start a gift exchange", like the one below.

Start a gift exchange

The gift exchange wizard takes care of the hard work for you

When the gift exchange wizard starts, you'll notice there are some defaults set to help you get going as quickly as possible. Feel free to change anything you'd like to make your gift exchange more interesting.

Afterwards, you'll notice you now have a handsome new gift exchange

Sadly though, it's looking kind of lonely with only you on there. Don't worry, in the next step we'll go over inviting friends.

Send invitations through Facebook or email

Actually, we even have a third option for you. The handy Group Invite Link includes a special code anyone without a direct invitation can still use to join your gift exchange. This makes sending invitations even easier when you have a lot of people to invite all at once.

Your friends will love how easy it is to join in the fun

Whenever your friends use the personalized invite link sent to their email, we'll know who they are and they won't have to register or even login to join your gift exchange. We're hoping this makes everyone's life just a little bit easier.

There's no limit to the amount of friends you can invite
to join your gift exchange

Oh by the way, you start to notice that your gift exchange is looking sexier by the minute as friends are joining.

You're now ready to do the drawing!

When your group is ready for Jumbo Santa to draw matches, just click the "Draw Secret Santas" button. We include a handy exclusion feature that you can use to keep certain people from being matched up with one another. A common example is for spouses, or for those two "friends" that aren't really friends.

Did we also mention that you can now do practice drawings?

If you want to test your settings, or just want to see the drawing in action you can do as many practice drawings as it takes for you to be ready.

Members will be notified of the drawing by email

After Jumbo Santa draws matches, an email is sent to members of your group letting them know they should check your gift exchange page to see who they got. No one in your group (including you) will know who their Secret Santa is until you tell Jumbo Santa to reveal all the matches. We know it seems a little cruel, but it's all part of the fun.

When you're ready to exchange gifts, reveal all the matches

Some time passes and it's now time to meet up for your gift exchange party. Tell Jumbo Santa to reveal the Secret Santas, and that's exactly what will happen. At this point we hope you had a pleasant experience with Jumbo Santa, and look forward to seeing you next year.

No thanks, I'll start one later
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